Commercial Landscaping Design

Commercial Landscape Design

A business must entice new customers using every tool available. Advertising, promotions and social media are some of the common methods. The physical appearance of the building and the interior are usually attractive and reflect the company’s colors, brand and style. But, there is one area that businesses sometimes overlook. What about the exterior? With the use of appropriate commercial landscape design elements, the property itself can invite customers in!

What Services are Included in Commercial Landscape Design?

Finding a local company that serves the business community is important, because they are in tune with the local market. They know what residents in the area are looking for and what a business needs in order to attract them.

There are many elements that you can include in a landscape project to present a positive image to potential customers. The outside appearance of a business reflects the personality of the company and its brand. Customers gravitate to a well-groomed, welcoming outdoor scene.

Legacy Landscapes & Tree Service has been serving the Piedmont Triad for over 20 years. Our commercial services offer all landscape and hardscape support that a business requires.

Why Choose Legacy Landscapes?

In the first place, we want to help your business design an attractive, natural landscape that reflects your brand. Using our commercial landscape design staff, your business will outshine the competition!

Secondly, we understand every location has its unique features and issues. Our job is to correct any problems, install new elements and maintain the property. You want to show the public that your business is meticulous and welcoming.

It all begins with the overall plan. We have on our staff a certified landscape architect who will work with you to determine your requirements. In the initial discussions, we will address any problems on the property. Additionally if there are drainage issues, we can install a new irrigation system or a retaining wall.

Reviewing your business goals will allow us to create a plan for an attractive area that will welcome visitors and customers.

We also have the capability to create hardscapes, such as water features, paved walkways and firepits. You may want to incorporate a unique focal point to attract attention to your building.

Of course, after the landscape is complete we provide many ongoing maintenance services. Most businesses find it more economical to have an annual whole landscape maintenance plan. Finally, your property receives regular weekly services and always looks its best…with no effort on your part.

We can also provide:

  • Snow removal
  • Parking lot sweeping
  • Vacant lot bush hogging
  • Apartment complex or HOA common area maintenance

For more information on our landscaping services for businesses in the Triad, call us today at 336.413.3048. Furthermore, Legacy is always ready to provide free consultations or estimates.