Snow Removal

Snow Removal

There aren’t many snow removal services offered in the southeast. But, when those few storms come through each year, finding one becomes important.

Luckily, in the Piedmont Triad area, there is Legacy Landscapes & Tree Service! We handle a wide variety of outdoor maintenance services, to take care of your property in all kinds of weather.

Who Needs Snow Removal Service in North Carolina?

Although, at times the snow doesn’t last very long in these warmer climates – when it does, it presents a problem. There are businesses that must stay open to serve the public. There are individuals who have jobs that require them to go to work, no matter the weather conditions. Hospitals, doctors, firefighters, mail carriers and supermarkets cannot stop providing service because of the snow.

We at Legacy Landscapes consider ourselves members of that group. Our experienced staff works in all kinds of weather. Especially, that includes our snow removal team!

With the right equipment at the right time, they can clear a parking lot or driveway quickly and efficiently. Businesses rely on us to allow their customers and employees to have access to parking lots and local roads. Individuals rely upon our service to allow them to get to their jobs to serve others.

Legacy Landscapes is a reliable, local company that has been serving the Piedmont Triad area for over 20 years.

All year round, we provide landscaping and related services that are reliable, top-quality and professional.

After the snow has cleared, you may need our lawn maintenance services or perhaps a new hardscape for your backyard. Consider a water feature to provide a focal point, or a new patio so you can enjoy the warmer weather!

Our certified arborist can help a diseased or damaged tree. Also, on our staff, is a certified landscape architect who can help design an entire new look for your property.

Call us today at 336.413.3048 for a free estimate or consultation. We will be happy to provide maintenance contracts, too. Then, your property will be well-groomed all year long.