Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping can be so much more than merely maintaining your outdoor space. Even if you keep the lawn mowed and the shrubs trimmed, it may not reflect the character of your business. In other words, it is boring!

When visitors and customers approach your building, you want to present an attractive, well-cared-for, welcoming image. If you want to show your creativity, perhaps go for a waterfall or some unexpected element!

Commercial Landscaping Allows You to Mind Your Own Business!

At Legacy Landscapes & Tree Service, we understand that you need every minute to work on growing your business. You don’t have time to worry about growing plants! But, our business is making sure that your business is attractive to all who enter.

We work with each client to determine what kind of image they want to present with their outdoor appearance. Also, are there issues on the property that require repair or maintenance? Do they want orderly flower arrangements and a lush lawn? Or, perhaps they would like a place outdoors for employees to enjoy during their breaks? Maybe patrons have to walk through a dark area to get to the business. In that case, we would provide a paved, lighted walkway for safety reasons. Sometimes there are grading problems that require a retaining wall or an irrigation system.

Legacy Does More Than Landscapes and Hardscapes

Many commercial clients have annual maintenance contracts, so that we can keep your property in top shape year-round. Since our services are wide-ranging, many clients are realtors, restaurants, apartments, and HOAs. They need to have their landscaping done on a regular basis, in order to please their customers. They know they can rely on Legacy to handle all of their outdoor projects. Our goal is to keep your property looking great all year long.

Some of our additional services include:

  • Snow removal
  • Parking lot sweeping
  • Vacant lot bush hogging
  • Tree services, including disease control, trimming, pruning and removal
  • Landscape design
  • Shrub and flower installation
  • Lawn care, including fertilization, core aeration, plugging, seeding and mowing
  • Insect control

We have a certified arborist and a certified landscape architect on staff and a license to handle, sell and apply pesticides.

If you prefer to mind your own business and let us handle your outdoor maintenance, call us today.

For a free estimate or to discuss your requirements, call 336.413.3048 today.